Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cool things to look at

Getting ready to go out of town for a brief trip (combining business with pleasure). In the meantime you can find me today at Candace's Book Blog:

Wed: Stella Ex Libris
Thursday: Gina's Insatiable Readers

Featured books are Tuesday: Burial to Follow, Wednesday: Liquid Fear, and Thursday: Curtains. Hey, thanks for all your support! A column on calculating agents called "Fifteen Percent for Life" is up at Indie readers and JA Konrath and Barry Eisler kick around the pros and cons of self-pubbing if you are a writer type.

Also, cool news--I've traded my "paper advance" for the ebook rights to the translated edition of the Polish edition of The Red Church! So look for Czerwony at an ereader near you! This will make my third translated edition to go live.And a great, simple writing chart by Kurt Vonnegut to help you understand story arc.

If you need any book design, my recs are Stephen at Generation Next for book layout and Ted at Dellaster Design for ebook formatter.



Neal Hock said...

Hope you work hard and hardly play! Er, wait, I think I got that backward. Anywho...have a good one!

Monster A Go-Go said...

I hope the new goats you are off to check out (and maybe buy) are to your satisfaction! Have a marvelous trip!

Nicholas La Salla said...

Nice! Indeed, some very cool things to look at. Like your visit over on Candace's site, btw. And where'd you get that boa or whatever it is?

Surely you must be concerned about the womenfolk on this blog . . . ;-)

One More Day

author Scott Nicholson said...

thanks, guys, where the women are safe and the goats are nervous...