Saturday, April 16, 2011

Think "#27" If You Like

I was just telling my friend and collaborator JR Rain about how James Patterson used to make mock charts of the bestseller list for his sales and publishing meetings. He'd put his book (not yet published) at #1 and show the sales staff. It made success easy for them to visualize.

I'm too lazy for that, but I do believe in the power of creative visualization. When Liquid Fear started its run, my family picked #27. We committed to thinking #27, and while I don't want to feel greedy, focusing on ebooks when so many people need prayers, food, and shelter, I generally try to share my success and spread my resources where people benefit. (My daughter wants #4, but first things first). If you care to think "#27, Scott Nicholson," in a positive way, for the highest good for all, then I'd appreciate it.

I am also re-doing some of the covers on the less-successful books because it feels like a fun time to take chances. I hope your life is as fun and crazy and free as mine.

Time to kill? Go to Tina's Book Reviews where I am giving away an e-copy of Duncan the Punkin and waxing on "The 200."


Nicholas La Salla said...

27, huh? Sounds good to me.

I am learning about visualization. My wife and I attended a screening of "The Secret" in the back room of a store in town a couple years back and it opened my eyes.

Even if the metaphysics of visualization turn out not to be real, the fact that you are remaining positive will keep your eyes open long enough to notice the opportunities to get ahead. If you're sitting around, glum and kicking yourself, you're never going to notice a thing.

On a somewhat related note (Duncan the Punkin): ever heard of "Punkin Chunkin"? It's actually really cool.

One More Day

Brenda said...

I'm going to go ahead and visualize #4, and maybe that'll help ease it past #27. Checked again, and it's #29. Not far now.

author Scott Nicholson said...

thanks guys!

Well, i am down on "The Secret" because it is mostly about selling you the secret to making money while The Secret creators make a fortune. If the goals are positive, for the highest good instead of personal enrichment, it goes down a little easier for me.

There's more to life than just raking in cash or being on a bestseller list--it is a path to a bigger purpose! So positivity is right, Nick!


Trey Lindsay said...

Looks like it's #27 as of Sunday night. Congrats!

(Seeing how well this worked out for you, I'd picture #1 ASAP - dedicating a few brainwaves for personal gain is surely no sin!)

author Scott Nicholson said...

thanks, Try, #1 is greedy, my daughter picked #4. I actually have a blog post about this coming at


Monster A Go-Go said...

Visualizing you at 27 is easy to do...and safer than, say, "Number 2". You know what I'm saying, big boy.