Monday, April 4, 2011

Where I Am Today...

...besides sitting at my computer in ratty old sweatpants:

Infinity Books, blog of UK star Keith Brooke
Lost for Words (with signed paperback giveaway!)
Books and Things with Melissa

Aaaaaand the $200 gift card giveaway still has four days left, so hop your little buns around to these 11 blogs and tweet and Facebook from each to increase your odds!

Rewind: If you missed my post last week, I chimed in on some indie math at Thanks for all your support. I'll be off typing in the woods later this week, so don't forget to pretend to be me on the Internet while I'm gone!

Oh, yeah, while doing my taxes, I found I had written a check to an (alleged) double murderer who delivered a load of firewood to our house. He dropped a log on my finger and mashed the heck out of it (I eventually lost the nail) and he just laughed like crazy. Lesson is never let strangers come to your house for any reason. Keep an eye on the mailman!



Monster A Go-Go said...

"...besides sitting at my computer in ratty old sweatpants"

At least you had the courtesy to be DRESSED when blogging to us...THIS time!

Nicholas La Salla said...

What did I tell you about hanging around those double murderin' types?

Just tryin' to help, good sir.

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