Friday, April 22, 2011

Liquid Fear sequel

For the Indie Writers in the crowd (which is almost everyone int he English-speaking world at this point): my buddy Jim C. Hines from Writers of the Future, back in 1999 when we both had more hair, interviewed me about indie publishing. (mirrored at Live Journal)

I'm working on the Liquid Fear sequel, planning to release it before the Liquid Fear buzz evaporates. Or freezes. Or some other physical-state metaphor. Dribbles away? Goes down the drain? Gets flushed?



Anonymous said...


I think it's okay if a few months elapse between book releases. Readers won't forget you that quickly. :)


MMI said...

What else am I going to do? Plant corn? Oh...I see your point.

Monster A Go-Go said...

Gaseous Terror is coming? Was that what it was called? Will it be in scratch & sniff?? EEEK! That really would be terrifying!

author Scott Nicholson said...

a challenge for sure, Monster! The first scratch-n-sniff ebook!

Monster A Go-Go said...

If anyone can supply gaseous odors for an eBook, I'm sure YOU can do it. :) Cheers!