Friday, April 1, 2011

Liquid Fear Fool's Gold Rush

Edging toward that $100 gift card giveaway at Amazon or these blogs and win your $10 gift cards for the Liquid Fear launch and I hope you enjoy the book!

It's simple. On April 1, stop by one or all of these 10 blogs featuring my new thriller LIQUID FEAR. You get one point each for commenting, tweeting, or Facebooking from that blog or about that post. I give away a $10 gift certificate to Amazon or at each stop. You can enter at each of the 10 stops if you like. If LIQUID FEAR hits the Top 100 by April 1, I give away an additional $100 gift certificate.

Paperback Dolls (Dr. Sebastian Briggs)
VVB32 Reads (Wallace Forsyth)
Rex Robot Reviews (David Dunn)
Kindle Obsessed (Martin Kleingarten)
Jenn's Bookshelves (Roland Doyle)
Not Really Southern Vamp Chick (Anita Molkesky)
2 Read or Not 2 Read  (Mark Morgan)
Minding Spot  (Sen. Dan Burchfield)
Bewitched Bookworms (Wendy Leng)
The Unread Reader (Dr. Alexis Morgan)
More Ebooks Please (Scott Nicholson)

1 comment:

Monster A Go-Go said...

I think I liked the 90 day thing better... I only had to make ONE stop a day! Zowie!