Saturday, April 2, 2011

Where I've Been This Week

Thanks everyone for your Liquid Fear love--we hit #130-something on Amazon US, around 2,700 on Amazon UK, around 36,000 on BN com, and now it's hanging around in that weird land of #150 at Amazon, teetering on the edge. It could go one of two ways, but I doubt it will hang right there, because it's a volatile territory for rankings and algorithms. I will be raising the price to $2.99 as soon as it finds its plateau, so if you know any mystery/thriller lovers, please encourage them to jump in. And the Fool's Gold Rush is going on all week, so you still have time to enter at the participating blogs for the $10 gift cards and hopefully the $100 bonus booty!

Here are some blogs I've been at recently, apart from the Fool's Gold Rush blogs:
Indie Good Cop/Bad Cop at Joe Konrath's Newbie's Guide
One For the Money, Two for the Show at Indiereader
Liquid Fear and bioethics at Seduced By Books
Writing talk at Character Happens

Thanks for all your support! Currently working on a secret dark fantasy project, of which nothing will be revealed...and a few options for the next "Scott Nicholson" book...



Nicholas La Salla said...

Ah, dark fantasy, eh? That's my favorite (sub)genre, the boundaries of what you can do as a writer are extremely elastic, shall we say... best of luck with the new piece!!!

One More Day

author Scott Nicholson said...

thanks Nick, except no one will ever know...or i will be in BIG trouble!


Anonymous said...

Give it time. Amazon rankings and algorithms are funny things. Just keep going, you never know where you might end up ... :)


Norman Applegate said...

Hi Scott, so where do I start. I want to pick up one of your books. What do you recommend? There are so many to choose from. I'm an iPad guy but have both the ibooks and Kindle apps.

all the best

author Scott Nicholson said...

Thanks, Debbi, I know things have changed. I'm here all week, as they say!

Norman, many of mine are available on Apple, too--Amazon has just reduced a few of mine to 99 cents--Speed Dating with the Dead, Disintegration, Drummer Boy, and The Red Church. Thanks!


Monster A Go-Go said...

Where ELSE have you been this week... and why do you have goat poop all over your shoes? Uh huh... That's what I thought...